Monthly Archives: May 2011

Before the final bow

Tender storm witnessing waiting. Several notes displayed on several screens. Lights ON and Lights Off. We are testing. Testing indeed. Final members keep on appearing as we define our cast. Our menu is rich. Fresh & brand new ingredients to be served from 21:00 to 23:30. It’s possible that this could be the longest performance […]

setting up….

It has been a bit more hectic in last days. Resetting the programs, space, costumes, rules of communication. Many hours of setting up, few rehearsals. Usually that is how it is when working with a lot of technology. Time for programming is timeless. :) Messmatik joined us. His computer works again, and Italian rails are […]

a talk with marcell mars / nenad romic about free software

A talk took place on Monday 23rd May 2011 at 12.00 in Cultural Center Karl Rojc in the frame of Jadran Polis Festival and project Transmittance. photo by: Marko Bolkovič on the photo: Luka Prinčič, Matija Ferlin, Anika Miletić, Una Miletić, Rea Korani, Egle Vošten, Slava, Maja Delak, Marcell Mars, Dubravka, Rošo…

cam-dump, stream-dump and transmit!

As you can see in the previous post, we’ve managed to make a first very improvised test and this fragment turned out particularly awesome! And while on one hand the quality is exactly what is possible to get through the tiny uplink that we have at the moment here, and that is, somewhat, exactly what […]

telematic telepresence

“Variations on the theme of videoconferencing, audio and visual connections between remote sites, are often referred to as telepresence in an art context. Related terms compete for bandwidth. Communicating a poetic sense of what is concealed has been referred to as teleabsence (Lozano-Hemmer 1997), and other projects are more appropriately designated as telerobotics, indicating action […]

inclusiveness (easy to join)

To be able to watch and participate in Transmittance performance only a modern browser is required – we recomend Firefox with versions 3.5 and above. Chrome/chromium and Opera 10.50 are also good candidates. Unsupported browsers are Internet Explorer and Safari, so if you are using one of these please download Firefox. It’s free. Read more […]