“i walk miles everyday of my life”

in search for somebody to listen…/ little night-research

(10:00:13 PM) mike: well
(10:00:40 PM) mike: decided to get myself a shrink
(10:00:51 PM) mike: i have started talking to her weekly recently
(10:00:58 PM) mike: it’s bloody good
(10:01:16 PM) mike: good..she is smart
(10:04:16 PM) mike: ok…well…guess what happened to me …
(10:04:20 PM) laura: what
(10:04:50 PM) mike: well….you know how i have kind of ignored my life and just got stuck into my work for the last god knows how many years
(10:04:56 PM) mike: well….i finally cracked
(10:05:04 PM) mike: one day at work a few weeks ago
(10:05:07 PM) mike: snapped
(10:05:10 PM) mike: flipped
(10:05:14 PM) mike: fucking lost it
(10:05:21 PM) mike: apparently….
(10:05:26 PM) laura: what happened?
(10:05:30 PM) mike: i had a minor breakdown
(10:05:39 PM) mike: i took me a week to accept that
(10:05:48 PM) mike: and now apparently
(10:05:55 PM) mike: i’m very close to total burn out
(10:06:14 PM) mike: about a week after the breakdown…i felt really really exhausted
(10:06:19 PM) mike: mentally and physically
(10:06:30 PM) mike: really weird…
(10:06:37 PM) mike: i walk miles every day of my life

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