telematic telepresence

“Variations on the theme of videoconferencing, audio and visual connections between remote sites, are often referred to as telepresence in an art context. Related terms compete for bandwidth. Communicating a poetic sense of what is concealed has been referred to as teleabsence (Lozano-Hemmer 1997), and other projects are more appropriately designated as telerobotics, indicating action at a distance, and telepistemology, referring to knowledge at a distance (Goldberg 2001). The term telematic (Roy Ascott 2005) broadens the scope because it is not pinned to presence or to the visual. Telematics permits fo a play across absence and presence, as well as range of dynamic impulses, both human and nonhuman. The suffix “matics” is quantly mid-twentieth-century (evoking “modern” kitchen appliances like “blend-o-matic”) is infused with enough ambiguity for it to be open to diverse underspecified interactions. [...] How are the human senses of intimacy and physical connection dependent on playing across what is revealed and what is concealed (rather then simply on what is visually displayed) – not just presence, not just absencem not just action, not just knowledge — all of these and more.”

– Susan Kozel in “CLOSER – perfomance, technologies, phenomenology”

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