AUDIO: Wireless Feelings by The Sweetest Band

“If the matter is just the energy laden with information, and identity is nothing but information, I will create as many identities as I can to connect with other identities. I will be able to chose who I wanna be and I will be able to project whatever I want onto the other identities. I could feel and see the distances modifying into the feeling of besside-ness and my virtual dream would become my physical space and landscape of my senses – inside me.”

recorded live at Transmittance1, Polis Festival, Pula, Croatia on 27th June 2011

performed by: Marko Bolković (bass guitar, laptop, keyboards), Maja Delak (voice, texts, laptop), Matija Ferlin (texts, voice), Messmatik (video), Luka Prinčič (guitar, laptop, keyboards, voice, video, programing)
edited by: Maja Delak

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