Tobacco001 day zero

Today we have arrived with most of our equipment at Tobacco 001 cultural centre gallery. The technicians from MGML (Museum and galleries of Ljubljana) were fast and effective. There was also great help from Jure from Kapelica gallery (Zavod k6/4 // Kersnikova). So now have internet connection – yet untested for stream – created a local network, one quad-core PC for stream and moderator on chat, yet unpacked quad-code PC for video, a table (we are missing two more), 2 LED floor lights ready to be controlled with USB-DMX controller and SuperCollider/DataNetwork, Edirol V8 and V4 video mixer, many wireless cameras, and more surveillance cameras, and even more cameras. Oh, and I almost forgot, quite a lot of various cables.

Tomorrow we need to setup and test the stream, mount at least one projector and test it. Later in the evening we are meeting with everyone for a first meeting and session.

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