Transmittance #2 day 1 (6 days to go)

Today we have tested the stream, streaming server, and – obviously – internet connection. Unfortunately the broadband connection was extremely unstable today – probably because of some road works by the ISP. Later in the afternoon I was able to stream succesfully using our standard scripts. I adjusted the web interface back to 4:3 format (from 16:9 we used with Transmittance #1.5), mounted the projector, while people arrived. I was happy to welcome Jakob Leben (of the SuperCollider 3.5/6 QT GUI fame) who has already prepared things for use of SenseStage and DataNetwork. He happily threw himself onto testing the hardware, and soon enough others arrived for a first meeting/session.

Others present today were Loup Abramovici, Maja Šorli, Nataša Živkovič, Jelena Ždrale and Maja Delak. Matija Ferlin came later on. We will welcome Boštjan Božič in next few days, Ana Pečar on saturday, as well as online presence of Igor Štromajer.

We have been talking about freedom, software and code, privacy and ownership/property (well, mainly me and Jakob), about themes of loneliness in technologically developed world and possibilities how to develop a menu of choices for online public. There was already a feature request (how to be able to bring online chat comments/feedback into the space for performers to see).

I’m seriously looking forward to this!

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