transmittance #1.5 + mur.sat project @ ESC_Graz & Studio17_Ljubljana

Today we visited ESC gallery in Graz, where we started/participated in a workshop connected to the project Mur.sat.

Basicaly mur.sat is about launching a nano-satellite in a low earth orbit. The satellite stays there for about 3-6 weeks after which it enters atmosphere and burns. In the meantime it transmits various data depending on design.

The launch date is planned (at the moment) in march 2012. While the satelite will be in orbit ESC will organize a local ‘space center’.

At the moment there are different efforts for satellite listening and predicting. The fact is, there are numerous satellites in earth orbit. Some of them (or most of them) actually transmit open data (like weather satellites).

For our Transmittance #1.5 project phase we will use software for predicting movements and positions of satellites. ‘Predict‘ uses data (TLE / two line elements) updates (what is really in the sky, where and when) published by NORAD. This data is published in real-time through UNIX sockets. There’s a simple perl script written at ESC by Norbert Math that listens to this information and broadcasts it to the local net using OSC (open sound control). This can be picked up by any OSC-aware software – like Pure Data for example.


AUDIO: Wireless Feelings by The Sweetest Band

“If the matter is just the energy laden with information, and identity is nothing but information, I will create as many identities as I can to connect with other identities. I will be able to chose who I wanna be and I will be able to project whatever I want onto the other identities. I could feel and see the distances modifying into the feeling of besside-ness and my virtual dream would become my physical space and landscape of my senses – inside me.”

recorded live at Transmittance1, Polis Festival, Pula, Croatia on 27th June 2011

performed by: Marko Bolković (bass guitar, laptop, keyboards), Maja Delak (voice, texts, laptop), Matija Ferlin (texts, voice), Messmatik (video), Luka Prinčič (guitar, laptop, keyboards, voice, video, programing)
edited by: Maja Delak

See on the link below:

110527 gallery chat+video

Before the final bow

Tender storm witnessing waiting. Several notes displayed on several screens. Lights ON and Lights Off. We are testing. Testing indeed. Final members keep on appearing as we define our cast. Our menu is rich. Fresh & brand new ingredients to be served from 21:00 to 23:30. It’s possible that this could be the longest performance I’ve done in my career. What a simple day in May. I tested my radio, I’ve tested my radius. Can you hear the guitar playing?  I leave you, my make up is drying. Till soon. Sending you an exquisite, humid goodbye.

gallery from general rehearsal – screenshots

setting up….

It has been a bit more hectic in last days. Resetting the programs, space, costumes, rules of communication. Many hours of setting up, few rehearsals. Usually that is how it is when working with a lot of technology. Time for programming is timeless. :)

Messmatik joined us. His computer works again, and Italian rails are operating again.

Yesterday night and today exhibition has been put up. It seems like nice Polis Jadran Festival edition.

Tonight a general run through with some friends on-line and tomorrow at 9pm CET on There will be all the instructions for you the easily join us! YEY.

A screen-shot from yesterday’s run through, with very very few audience on-line (as the link is not yet open, there were only friends in function of public).


a talk with marcell mars / nenad romic about free software

A talk took place on Monday 23rd May 2011 at 12.00 in Cultural Center Karl Rojc in the frame of Jadran Polis Festival and project Transmittance.

photo by: Marko Bolkovič

on the photo: Luka Prinčič, Matija Ferlin, Anika Miletić, Una Miletić, Rea Korani, Egle Vošten, Slava, Maja Delak, Marcell Mars, Dubravka, Rošo…

cam-dump, stream-dump and transmit!

As you can see in the previous post, we’ve managed to make a first very improvised test and this fragment turned out particularly awesome! And while on one hand the quality is exactly what is possible to get through the tiny uplink that we have at the moment here, and that is, somewhat, exactly what we are lloking for. It would be however appropriate to have a DV quality version of whatever is being sent to the stream for some later use or documentation. Ah, and dump the local stream before it is sent to server, while we are at it. So here’s little bash script (which just mutated from a command line):

while (true); 
        dvgrab --format dv1 - | \
        tee /path/to/transmittance1_`date +%y%m%d_%H%M%S`.dv | \
        ffmpeg2theora.linux -f dv -x 382 -y 288 -v 3 --speedlevel 2 \
        --no-skeleton -o /dev/stdout - | \
        tee /path/to//transmittance1_`date +%y%m%d_%H%M%S`_stream_382x288.ogv | \
        oggfwd 8000 pass /transmittance.ogv