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T#2 irc chat log

Here we are releasing the whole chat log from the Transmittance#2 that happened on 13/dec 2011:


This a screenshot from saturday rehearsal. In the bottom-right, you can see that we had 37% packet loss. That means that 37% of traffic got lost and had to be re-requested. Through such a link is impossible to stream. Thankfully the situation improved imensely on sunday.

Transmittance #2 day 1 (6 days to go)

Today we have tested the stream, streaming server, and – obviously – internet connection. Unfortunately the broadband connection was extremely unstable today – probably because of some road works by the ISP. Later in the afternoon I was able to stream succesfully using our standard scripts. I adjusted the web interface back to 4:3 format […]

Tobacco001 day zero

Today we have arrived with most of our equipment at Tobacco 001 cultural centre gallery. The technicians from MGML (Museum and galleries of Ljubljana) were fast and effective. There was also great help from Jure from Kapelica gallery (Zavod k6/4 // Kersnikova). So now have internet connection – yet untested for stream – created a […]

transmittance #1.5 + mur.sat project @ ESC_Graz & Studio17_Ljubljana

Today we visited ESC gallery in Graz, where we started/participated in a workshop connected to the project Mur.sat. Basicaly mur.sat is about launching a nano-satellite in a low earth orbit. The satellite stays there for about 3-6 weeks after which it enters atmosphere and burns. In the meantime it transmits various data depending on design. […]