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cam-dump, stream-dump and transmit!

As you can see in the previous post, we’ve managed to make a first very improvised test and this fragment turned out particularly awesome! And while on one hand the quality is exactly what is possible to get through the tiny uplink that we have at the moment here, and that is, somewhat, exactly what […]

inclusiveness (easy to join)

To be able to watch and participate in Transmittance performance only a modern browser is required – we recomend Firefox with versions 3.5 and above. Chrome/chromium and Opera 10.50 are also good candidates. Unsupported browsers are Internet Explorer and Safari, so if you are using one of these please download Firefox. It’s free. Read more […]

Streaming issues, GEM slideshow and metapixelate script

After asking for some help on Linux Audio Users and Stream-ring concerning skipping chunks of video, and after doing some of my own tests lowering the resolution and quality, it seems that there are two factors influencing the flow of stream: CPU spikes and bandwidth spikes. As Robin Gareus writes via lau-list: > Panning and […]