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friday progress

Solved mysteries of streaming skipping chunks. Seems like the culprit could be in the upload bandwidth. If it’s too small (and it needs alot of space for overhead!), then chunks start to happen. When I lowered quality and resolution to 160×128 no cuts were appearing in the stream. Not sure what it means when we […]

“i walk miles everyday of my life”

in search for somebody to listen…/ little night-research  (10:00:13 PM) mike: well (10:00:40 PM) mike: decided to get myself a shrink (10:00:51 PM) mike: i have started talking to her weekly recently (10:00:58 PM) mike: it’s bloody good (10:01:16 PM) mike: good..she is smart (10:04:16 PM) mike: ok…well…guess what happened to me … (10:04:20 […]

first day of transmittance#1

Two days ago I arrived to Pula with a car full of technical equipment — video computers, workstations, loads of cables, mini-fm transmitters, midi controllers, audio interfaces, even a synth and a guitar — unloaded it at Rojc and set most of it up. The internet was already connected and needing a small change today […]